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​​​​​​​ was acquired late 2018. The decision to acquire was in effort to help streamline the marketing and advertising needs of our parent brand "Live I.T."


Live IT is an information technology company that provides managed services and webservices. ​​​​​​​

Last fall our help desk received a call from a digital marketing company that was having all sorts of web and technical issues that needed to be addressed. During the investigation it was clear to our owner that these sales and marketing companies are struggling with web technology and the delivery of web services they know nothing about. The expertise of the marketing company was in type setting and desktop publishing programs. They created magazine ads. A significant jump away from how they used to do things. In this case the sales and marketing company lacked the technical skills to manage what they are creating. 

(If you think about it, a website is really an advertisement.)


It's very clear that advertising today is done with webpages. So, it makes more sense to use an IT company that has professional marketers for creating digital ads than it does to use a typesetting magazine publishing ad company that’s swimming upstream against technology growth and constant technological change.


It kind of came as a surprise to us that this move to advertise on the web has fallen into our wheel house of professional service and solutions we indirectly already offer. So, we joined forces with ad creators, web designers and copywriters. We back filled our work force to be able to satisfy all aspects of building amazing webpages and funnels that convert. ​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​Our parent brand “Live IT” has been building web pages and web infrastructure since 1997.

It’s clear the sales and marketing industry needs people with web development skills. As web technology professionals we already know all about building and designing websites and about generating and driving traffic to webpages.

The only skill we would need to learn is how to write and post an ad online.

We have all done this to sell a car or unwanted personal item in the past. The learning curve was very simple to overcome. Currently we are as proficient in writing ads for Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Linked in as anyone. ​​​​​​​ The difference between webdevelopment in this case and the advertisers today is the size of the website. The advertisers today use small eye-catching websites or funnels to promote their business, goods and services. (Funnels are used to direct a visitor to something you want them to see.)

I’m happy to say… Direct Digital Marketing really works. Our marketing campaigns for our parent information technology company have increased substantially and we now don’t have to hire outside sales representatives saving a lot of money for other things.

We would love to help you with your campaign!

Joel Davies

Warmest Regards